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Licx Essentials

by LSB

Lube really is an essential part of play for us – regardless of whether it’s needed or not. It is always nearby and because of this, I’m always on the lookout for new lube. I had seen and read great things regarding Licx so I was chuffed to finally get my mitts on some to try.


Licx Essentials

The lovely folks over at Licx sent me a mixed sample box which included the following :

  • Licx Deluxe Cream Lube(100ml)
  • Arousal Gel for Her(5 sachets)
  • Gel Lube(5 sachets)
  • Licx Closer Intimate Wipes (10s)


Licx Deluxe Cream Lube:

The Licx Deluxe Cream lube comes packaged in a really pretty looking box – nothing seedy splashed all over it and if you happened to leave it lying around, no one would really would really take much notice to it.

Licx Essentials

Licx Deluxe Cream Lube

It’s a cream based lube which has a smell similar to non scented hand cream. It has a creamy thick consistency and flip-top tube it comes in, allows you to be precise with applying it meaning you won’t end up with lube everywhere.

It has no taste to it whatsoever but I can feel it on my tongue – a very slight tingle occurs when my tongue connects with it. It coats the mouth in a way I think isn’t very suitable for oral but to be honest, even if it was it feels ugh inside my mouth. I find in use when it mixes with my natural wetness it somehow extends the lube and in the case of other lubes, I find I need to reapply the Licx cream lube less. The texture, when fading out is slightly tacky but it doesn’t leave a sticky residue. It’s also PH balanced.However, the lube has a flaw. If you are sensitive to ingredients then it’s sadly it’s  not for you due to parabens featuring on it’s ingredient list.

Licx Arousal Gel for Her (5 x 5ml sachets):

These, Licx Arousal Gel for Her(5 sachets) arrived again, beautifully packaged. I love how they come in sachet form making them super handy for travel use, and I for one will definitely bring them with me next time I venture off.

Licx Essentials

Licx Arousal Gel Lube Sachets

I am quite a fan of arousal gels to be honest – anything that can add another dimension to my orgasm gets my attention and this arousal gel, thankfully ticks that box. Smooth, silky and slippery. When applied allowed me to freely glide against my clitoris as if it were my own juices covering my toy – perfect! It contains ingredients, such as peppermint oil and L- Arginine, which are blended perfectly here and are regular ingredients to appear in this type of product.I find I need to apply it and then, apply another layer before it works for me but that is down to personal preference so you might need more or less.

Guess what though, no parabens in this one. But there is glycerine so women prone to yeast infections need to be wary of that.

It does however taste nice and feels ace on my tongue but I doubt it’s very oral friendly to be honest so it’s best to give your mouth a miss with it.

Licx Gel Lube (5 x 5 ml sachets):

I actually have a large blob of the gel lube sitting on my hand as I type this and it has no sign of going runny yet. This gel lube is quite thick, is build able and maintains shape making it the perfect lube for anal. As well as doing all that – it provides a lot of padding which for me is essential when it comes to lubes being used for anal. Ingredients mention cellulose which will be what’s making this lube a lot thicker. This lube, of course is suitable for vaginal play too – it’s thickness edges me to use for anal more though.

Licx Essentials

Licx Gel Lube Sachets

It is thicker than the arousal gel yet it is very similar in texture, which means it also is silky and slippery. It also has similar ingredients to the arousal gel. Again, having no parabens and there is no glycerine in this one.

I wouldn’t recommend putting this one in your mouth, it really tastes Ugh!

Licx Closer Intimate Wipes (10s):
Licx Essentials

Licx Closer Wipes

We aren’t ones to usually purchase intimate wipes to be honest. Having children in the house, baby wipes are always close by so we usually opt for those. I find the packet size of these Licx Closer handy for travel – say you’re out and about and fancy a quickie but wanna freshen up? Perfect for those moments. The extra added in aloe makes them perfect for people with sensitive delicate regions. They are completely unscented, free from oils and allergens too.

I do have faults with them – I wish they had a arrow printed on the side you open them on, as I found them to be a bugger to open. I also dislike the texture they leave on my hands once I’ve finishing using them. It does eventually dry off though.



Overall, out of all the above products I’ve reviewed I would purchase the arousal gel and the gel lube again. I liked the cream lube but I just find the gel lube more versatile for me.

I would like to take the opportunity to thank Licx for sending me these essentials in exchange for an honest and impartial review this however in no way changes my opinion on these items. What I honestly think, you read! All images displayed of all Licx essentials are taken by myself!

No affiliate links have been used in this post.

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