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Review: Tantus Plunge

by LSB

Previous to getting whacked with the Tantus Plunge, the only other silicone I had ever sampled across my butt was the strap off a silicone O-gag. And I still remember how that stung and the want for an actual silicone impact item was real.

Tantus Plunge

I wanted the Tantus Plunge for two reasons – the first being silicone and the second being more silicone. See, as much as I wanted to be hit by a silicone impact toy, the very thought I could be fucked by it too was just a mind fuck in itself. I had so many scenarios running through my head and I guess when Tantus created the Plunge and aptly named it , they musta had that same thought.

The Plunge is approx 13 ½ inches in length from the tip of the handle to the edge of the paddle. The curved handle is approx 6 inches in length, going from the hole to the end of the handle and has a circumference just shy of 4 inches around its thickest part ( the ball attached to the end of the handle).The paddle itself is 7 ½ inches in length, with a thickness of ¼ of an inch. A lot of the magic of the plunge comes from how thick the paddle actually is. At the base of the handle, ‘Tantus’ is imprinted and the entire paddle is completely seam free. Smooth, silky silicone.

Tantus plunge

Tantus Plunge

I was shocked at how much weight actually hits the skin when I tried whacking myself with very little force might I add. Strong and thuddy – and a sting different to anything else I had previously experienced. It was a new sensation for me and I quite liked it. So much so I continued whacking myself until my OH found me covered in red blotches and got a glint in his eye.

I was instructed to bend over and I got to feel the Plunge across my bare butt several times before he left the Plunge to one side and it was told it was to be continued later.

The sting from the Plunge is unlike any other impact item I have felt against my bare skin. It lingers – the skin holds onto the sharp sting for a few minutes, which fades out to a milder sting and each thud eventually leaves a harboring heat represented on the skin as a pretty paddle print. I personally found I enjoyed more as a warm up toy – multiple spanks together, feeling the heat build. My OH swapped between the Plunge and a cane on one particular outing and this session really sticks out in my mind as I write this review. I felt after the Plunge was used first , my butt could tolerate more caning for longer than I usually could. I dunno if this is similar to others who have reviewed the Plunge.

Tantus Plunge

Amazing Gspotting handle

Another unusual thing about the Plunge is my thighs can tolerate it. And oddly enough, they can tolerate it quite well. My outer thighs are stupidly sensitive – it’s quite irritating actually as they are far from small. Yet, I can never have them struck, regards of the type of item, as my body just can’t tolerate the pain. Yet, light flicks of the Plunge feels rather good against my thighs. I am not, by any means complaining, I am just a little confused as to why.

As much as I enjoy the Plunge as an impact toy, I really have to mention the handle. It is the giver of many g-spot orgasms. Like lots and lots. But why, oh why does it have a hole in it. I know, why – to be able to hang it up. But the hole is a bugger to clean – I highly recommend cotton buds. Does that hole stop me using it internally? Well no actually it doesn’t. It really is worth the hassle of cleaning it. It is seriously precise at finding My g-spot and that fact I get whacked with it too really, really arouses me. One thing, we have learned from using the Plunge is it’s all down to the wrist action.

Tantus Plunge


The handle is very rigid and the paddle is quite floppy. I would personally recommend using on yourself before using it on your play mate.

Like, all other 100% silicone items – this can be boiled, bleached, sprayed with toy cleaner or clean with soap and water to sanitize it.

I would like to take the opportunity to thank Tantus for sending me the Plunge in exchange for an honest and impartial review this however in no way changes my opinion on the item. What I honestly think, you read! All images displayed of Tantus Plunge are taken by myself!

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Kalliopeia September 2, 2016 - 11:21 pm

I keep seeing reviews for this and I cannot afford it. Que tragique.


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