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Review: Tease Lovehoney crop

posted by LSB June 29, 2016 0 comments

I seriously heart the Lovehoney tease crop – not only has added BDSM sprinkles spontaneously into a regular vanilla session but it leaves them in the shape of hearts! Imagine that – heart bruises! 

Tease Lovehoney crop

Spank Me!

Packaging is very minimal with Lovehoney Tease Crop. It comes in a clear plastic bag and a tease tag attached. It’s a £14.99 item. I wasn’t expecting more and to be honest, it lives with all my other impact items – it doesn’t need a fancy box!

I must admit I originally thought “It’s a beginner’s item, which will be nice warm up item during our next play session”…. Oh how naive was I. In the right hands, it packs a serious punch and the results were beautiful heart print whelks left behind after anywhere it touched.

Tease Lovehoney crop

Heart Bruises

We took it out again recently so I could take pics for this review while I was wearing the latex spanking dress. My husband grabbed me, took me from behind and went to town on my ass using the Tease crop while we had sex. And it was fucking glorious! He traced and teased the soft satin side on my skin and Bam, before I even expected it the faux leather side went thwack across my ass! Well, I was wearing a spanking dress after all, it would be rude not to, right? The thought tempts me and I’m currently fighting the urge to put the dress on and have my butt in the air ready for when he joins me in bed!

The crop is approx 19 inches – it has a patterned fishnet look running throughout the rubber coated plastic handle which is firmly attached to the stem. The crop has a leather wrist strap attached to offer it’s owner ultimate control. The Lovehoney heart logo is attached to the wrist strap which gives the crop a personal look and is a nice touch for someone wanting the entire Tease Collection.

Tease Lovehoney crop

Tease Crop

Tease Lovehoney crop

Both sides of the crop

One side of the heart is coated in satin and the other in faux leather. Each side will produce a different pattern on the skin, as well as a creating a different sting. The faux leather side produced a full heart print while the satin side produced an outline of a heart, which presented itself in a whelk pattern. And the bruises! So pretty! Not sure if you are one of those people that enjoy marks, but I definitely am! I love to see the marks and remember that feeling – remember how and why I have that mark!

One thing I really do love about this Tease by Lovehoney crop is it’s versatility! We are far from beginners when it comes to bondage yet this crop is perfect for beginners! The satin side offers the ability to be broke in gently to spanking with lighter strokes and also feels amazing being dragged across skin as a warm up to get the skin interested! I love my skin full of goosebumps before I get spanked! While the leather side offers a slight sting with a light stroke or a sweet sting with only a small amount of force used. It could be used for any level of experience! I personally love force behind either side or either side used to build up my anticipation!

Tease Lovehoney crop

visible unraveling of the cotton

Going back to what I previously wrote, the crop is strong! In fact, I’m surprised the stem hasn’t snapped! It has got a serious amount of use! That being said, the cotton which keeps the heart attached the stem has started to slightly unravel! Apart from aesthetics, it hasn’t affected the intended purpose of the crop! Though if that should happen, I’ll update this space! 


This item was sent to me in exchange for an honest and impartial review – this however in no way changes my opinion on the item. What I honestly think, you read!  All images displayed are of myself modelling Latex Spanking Dress and of the Tease by Lovehoney crop.  Affiliate links have been used in this post. 





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