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Slick. Google’s definition of slick – “done or operating in an impressively smooth and efficient way!” Well, Tantus have that box ticked! My first impression of the Tantus Slicks – Ooooh shiny!  Followed quickly by, Ooooooooh Squishy! It’s so squishy!

Tantus Slicks

Tantus Slicks

Slick is the newest member of Tantus Dual Density range, which aims to be “realistic in form and feel”. Though – the spade head on the Slick isn’t very realistic looking, it does certainly feel it! I’m not really a fan of phallic looking dildos if I’m honest – I already have one to use as I please, well it’s attached to my husband , but it’s mine none the less! I haven’t tried anything dual density before these and I must admit I am quite impressed at how real it feels! The outer layer is made from super soft squishy silicone and the inside has a harder silicone running through it, which essentially acts as the spine! What makes the dual density range even more impressive is they are all harness compatible! Now, we don’t peg (yet!) but I am guessing the inner layer makes it a lot easier when using a strap on with them!


Tantus Slicks

Larger Slick

The lovely folks over at Tantus sent me both sizes of the Slick to try out! The larger of the two being my favourite as it offers a lot of versatility to me! The larger slick is approx 9” in length, with an insertable length of approx 7”. It has a diameter of approx 1.5” and at it’s widest a  circumference of just over 5.2”. Even though the head looks the biggest, its circumference matches that of the base! The larger Slick fits comfortably in a 1.5” O ring for a harness!  For me, the Slick is all about the head – that squishy bulbous head! I really don’t need length to be honest, though the length is handy when curving the Slick to hit off my g spot!

As a g- spotter dildo alone, it’s not curved enough to hit it and even though, I managed to get off with it, the effort that it required to do so isn’t worth it for me!  I enjoy popping the head in and out to get me off and teamed up with my Tango, it works a treat! In fact, it currently my resident shower dildo for solo fun,  wanking standing up with it, is rather enjoyable! The base of the dildo is kinda triangular, which I love! It makes it easier to grab onto and also works as a guide as I find the pointed edge acts as a guide!  Pointing upwards will keep the Slick reasonably straight in comparison to it pointing downwards, which will give a floppy appearance of the Slick! Think of a semi hard cock! Again, I’m sure this is designed with strap on use in mind and ease of use! I haven’t (and more than likely won’t) used the larger of the Slicks anally – though it is 100% safe to do so as it has a flared base!

Tantus Slicks

Smaller Slick

I have been looking for a non phallic, non threatening looking dildo which would be perfect to introduce pegging into our relationship and I cannot begin to explain my excitement when I opened the box to discover that the smaller Slick ticks all those boxes. The smaller Slick is designed to be a beginners dildo, of course, it can be used if you’re immediate player too but it shall be kept especially for anal use. Be it for me or my OH – it’s gonna go up someone’s butt! At present, neither of us have used it anally as I hoping it will be claimed by my OH. I will update here if / when that happens! Of course, we could share the Slicks!  Made from silicone – they can be bleached, boiled or thrown in the dishwasher to sterilise them so they are more than suitable to share but the thought of him owning one, for just him – I want that!  


It’s identical to its bigger sibling, except of course, for the size!Tantus Slicks It’s approx just over 6” in length – it has an insertable length of just under 6”, a diameter of 1.2” and a circumference of 4”  at it’s widest point! It fits into my 1.25” O-ring well though it does have a slight wobble going on so if/when I use it, I might invest in pegging pants ! It is however,  bloody beautiful when held in my harness and the want to use is real! The purple shimmer is simply beautiful – it really is the cutest dildo I own!  


Tantus Slicks

Size Comparison


I would like to take the opportunity to thank Tantus for sending me these items in exchange for an honest and impartial review this however in no way changes my opinion on the item. What I honestly think, you read!  All images displayed of  Tantus Slicks are taken by myself!

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Kalliopeia September 4, 2016 at 10:41 pm

Ugh, I lust them so much and have no money. If only these would end up in the grab bag….


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