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Rumours circulated that the We Vibe Nova was going to contain motors similar to the one used to power the amazing Tango bullet and this excited me! Anyone who follows me on twitter knows of my love/hate relationship with the  We- vibe Tango!

Originally, I found it way too intense but yanno, for science, I persevered with it and it’s now an item that has to be replaced *immediately* if it ever dies! Anyway, the reason I was excited was that powerful motor was going to be in the Nova – not one but two and it was going to be covered in silicone!
We-Vibe Nova

We – Vibe Nova and it’s packaging

The packaging the Nova comes in is really sophisticated – an outer shell in the shape of strong cardboard protect the contents. Using the satin toggle, I lifted the lid to find encased in foam a very aesthetically pleasing Nova. The colour alone is divine… such a rich coral colour. Running my fingertips along the shaft – the silicone is completely seamless and so luxurious! The box also contains is a satin storage bag, instruction manual and a magnetic USB charger. The Nova is charged via the magnetic charging port, which is located on the front of the vibe! Charging for 90 minutes will give two hours of play time! Those times are calculated with the toy being ran on lower speeds. I do find I don’t quite get the full two hours but considering the power the Nova produces, the battery life is impressive!

We-Vibe Nova

Charger and magnetic charging port

The Nova is approx 8.5 inches with an insert able length of 4.75 inches and is just over 4 inches in circumference at it’s widest point. The clitoral  arm is roughly 4 inches and is about 3 inches at its widest point. The most important feature of the Nova in my opinion is the clitoral arm. and why We Vibe have christened the Nova “ A dual stimulation superstar”. It claims to solve many women’s issues by having a clitoral arm which flexes with the body’s movements while being able to maintain contact. That arm is really flexible considering how firm it actually is and because that arm is that flexible it has the ability to do things other rabbit style vibes can’t do! Previous to the Nova, I only have one other rabbit that actually works for me – the greedy girl rabbit from the fifty shades collection! I have tried others but they left me as a frustrated mess as they weren’t a suitable match for my anatomy! Maybe, like me, you have had similar issues, if so this is why I think We Vibe might help you to regain confidence in rabbit style vibrators!

We-Vibe Nova

Light glows to show toy is charging

As expected, I am impressed at how much power the Nova has! As I said previously, it has two motors – one motor is placed in the head and another in the clitoral arm. Each can be controlled separately or can be used together. To power on the Nova, you can press the circular indent present in the centre of all the other buttons or you can fire it into life using the the </> directional mode buttons. The centre button is also used to control which/ both motor is on! I’m not one usually for internal patterns but tickles my g-spot in ways other rabbits never could. It has like most other vibes +/- to increase/decrease speeds which vary from deep and rumbly to holy sweet jesus. The Nova comes with 10 built in patterns such as bounce, peak and echo to name a few!  It also has the option to completely customize your playtime with the app! The app which is available on both android and apple, allows you to increase/ decrease each motor separately and allows you to save that pattern! Once downloaded, turn on your Bluetooth on your phone and click into the app. Fire the vibe into life and they will sync automatically. For a partner to use the app, an email will be sent over to allow complete privacy and away ye go.

We-Vibe Nova

Different modes available on app

Using the Nova was a learning curve for us. See, the morning it arrived , I was instructed not to use it – my husband wanted to be the one to use it one me first! And as frustrated as that made me, I obeyed and waited all day! Only to be left even more frustrated!!! No matter what way my husband tried, my body wouldn’t co-operate with him! It hurt! Thrusting the vibe into me caused pain from the clitoral arm banging against my pubic bone and inside I got pain from the shaft! Never one to be defeated and the clever man that my husband is – he improvised! His theory was simple- he reversed the vibe and used the clitoral arm on my g spot. That curve in the arm was like a homing device for my g spot – I need a good curve with a decent amount of pressure! The Nova revered ticks those boxes and it resulted in one of the most mind blowing, leg rattling g spot orgasms I have ever experienced. Of course, I’m pretty certain that’s not why the flexi-arm was designed but it’s certainly another way to use it. Thankfully though since it’s first outing of trying to use it as it was intended to be used, I have discovered exactly how I need to use it and shown my OH how it needs to be angled! The Nova allows me to cum super quick with it, like under a minute quick and that’s using it as a rabbit with both motors on or only the head/arm or using it just for clit vibes. It’s the type of vibe that can produce orgasms just sitting there not being moved or leg jellifying ones by thrusting it.

Unfortunately there is one downside for me! The buttons. Quite flush with the handle and also white in colour, it makes which makes them quite hard to find. For this reason, I find the app super handy – I use the </> mode buttons to flick through the patterns and I use the app to control the intensity. Playing with it on lower speeds without even moving it and controlling it via the app is a great way to play if you’re in a lazy wanking mood! The app also allows you to see the amount of battery time left in your toy! 

We-Vibe Nova

Battery life visible on top left hand side

Rabbits don’t usually allow such versatility, but the Nova does. In use, as a rabbit, the Nova has allowed me to experience blended orgasms in ways I have never experienced using a rabbit vibe. It, in my opinion, has broken the mold and re invented the rabbit.  

This item was sent to me in exchange for an honest and impartial review – this however in no way changes my opinion on the item.What I honestly think, you read!  All images displayed of We Vibe Nova are taken by myself!

If interested you can purchase the Nova here :

 Lovehoney UK| Lovehoney US |

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Kalliopeia September 6, 2016 at 11:08 pm

Love the color. The angle of the shaft and arm doesn’t look like it’d work for me at all, but if the arm is actually that flexible… hmmm…


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