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Review: Latex Spanking Dress

by LSB

Previous to this Latex Spanking Dress, I hadn’t tried latex, well or datex either seen as this is labelled as being both! Reasons as to why, I shall explain in a minute! However, if you, like me are a complete latex newbie, I hope to explain here why this is the perfect place to start !

Latex Spanking Dress

Packaging for the dress is minimal – it comes in a black plastic bag! Inside you’ll find the dress, information cards on datex and 30ml bottle of shining gel. I love the fact it comes with shining gel as I didn’t own any! Though, latex will also shine up using silicone lube too! So As mentioned above this Latex Spanking Dress is actually made both of latex and datex! The latex is the outside, slightly tacky material that is actually matte to look at until shined up and the inner material is datex. So datex – it’s a new material made of natural caoutchouc, or a new fancy rubber material which makes it extra elasticated due to it being an extensible knitted fabric. All that means, it’s super easy to slip into as it’s fully lined inside meaning it’s a one person job! Previous articles/ reviews I’ve read about latex wear express the need to use talc and another pair of hands to actually get into it, however with datex being used as the inside lining, all that effort is eliminated meaning you can keep the surprise factor alive instead of turning into a sweaty mess in front of your helping hands!


I opted for a size medium which is designed to accommodate sizes 10 – 12. However, my husband  thinks I should have gone for a smaller size but that would have been a 6-8 and I’m far from either of those sizes. The dress sits against me well and allows for minimal room in it which I personally like as you need it to allow for movement, there is nothing worse than being squished and uncomfortable when trying to look your sexiest! I don’t feel like I’m squished into it. The datex

Latex Spanking Dress

lining does mean the dress does slightly travel upwards as it’s not sticking to skin, this again wasn’t an issue for me. It’s all about the tease and the “accidental” dropping of things to give your partner an eyeful!  The dress is well made and stretches well without creating those white marks you sometimes associate with rubber. It features seams down the back, sides and shoulders, these  however don’t affect how aesthetically pleasing it is. The cut out in the bust region sits well around my ladies and offers a slight support which considering, I have had children was a welcomed surprise! It doesn’t itch and holds it’s position well! The dress has a cut out bum which leaves my tush fully exposed to reap any rewards which my husband’s deems fit!

In fact, wearing the dress itself before he even touches me is a head fuck ! Will he grab my tits first ? or perhaps my ass will get caned ? The very thoughts that run through my head slipping into this have me well worked up before he even looks at me!


There is a slight smell to the dress – one which I can only describe as a mix of fake tan biscuit smell mixed in with pine air freshener! Yes – a weird combination but isn’t a bad smell! Since being sent this originally, the smell has faded and isn’t noticeable now! I left mine on a hanger, airing it after being washed as it obviously has helped! Though, I must stress don’t let the fact I’ve mentioned a smell deter you from purchasing this Latex Spanking Dress , I just wanted you to be aware this is normal!


Latex Spanking Dress

I find the best thing for me personally is to half shine the dress before popping it on! I start with the back of the dress, slip it on and rub up the front! Maybe doing this in front of partner might add to the excitement – seeing you turn from a matte maiden into a glossy goddess! The gel -well it’s far from a gel but the bottle labels it a gel and it is really runny! Be warned while pouring it to only tilt the bottle slightly!  A 50 pence sized amount should be sufficient enough to do the entire dress!  The dress is advertised as being hand wash only so please don’t bung in it washing machine! It needs care – hang it to air dry after washing, ensuring the material isn’t clinging to itself and it will wear well! 



This item was sent to me in exchange for an honest and impartial review – this however in no way changes my opinion on the item. What I honestly think, you read!  All images displayed are of myself modelling Latex Spanking Dress.

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