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Review: Captivate Me Bodysuit

posted by LSB May 4, 2016 0 comments

Out of all the Lovehoney Captivate Me range, this Captivate Me bodysuit caught my attention the most! The model on the Lovehoney site wearing it displays all the reason why I wanted it!  

Do you crave an hourglass figure? Fancy yourself a bit of Dominatrix? Or perhaps are completely new to test the waters of wet look, fetish clothing?

Captivate Bodysuit

This beautiful boned bodysuit, which has 4 plastic rods going through it, allows the material to mold against my body and effortlessly created an hourglass figure! It has under wired cups, which offer great support and meet in the middle by a very pretty gunmetal Lovehoney charm. I find the gunmetal charm gives it an edgier vibe. I dislike the amount of material used in the cups themselves. I would have prefer less to be honest. The straps are fully adjustable and do tighten up but not enough to create that skin look I would preference! I found it to be more of an issue lying down than I did standing though – the crinkles i experienced are displayed in the pictures! Thankfully, this was the only issue I had with the Captivate Me bodysuit.

Captivate Bodysuit

I was sent a size medium to test and I find it true to size. I’m a size 10 and had no issues slipping into it. It’s a bit of a bugger to tie the back strap, though I did manage it without help. The back strap is adjustable – a strap similar to a bra strap but going horizontal. It’s also like the shoulder straps and it allows you to create the perfect fit for you. The lace which makes up about 80% of the piece is non scratchy and extremely comfortable to wear.However,  I do find the crotch less bit took a bit of adjusting to suit me, it is designed as one size fits all so it does require tweaking it to suit your body shape. That being said I quite like the fact I am quite covered up in it as so much of me is already exposed and I love the feeling of my clit being played with through the lace! I like the fact it can stay on during playtime too as many of my favourite knickers have been ripped off me and as sexy as that is during playtime, it bugs the hell outta me when I find them hanging somewhere the next day!  I adore the high rise in the leg area as it allows for complete exposure of my long legs and really does show them off well and it’s not often that I’ve said that in a review. The stocking straps are able to be removed giving many options to wear the Captivate Me bodysuit! The metal used in the matches the charm and again, adds effect in my opinion.

Captivate Bodysuit

The whole piece is very well made, fantastic quality with no loose threads or stitching to report of before and after washing it. It is a hand wash item and like other bits of Lovehoney Lingerie, I left it to drip dry on a hanger. It maintained it’s shape well and fitted me exactly the same after washing.  

This item was sent to me in exchange for an honest and impartial review – this however in no way changes my opinion on the item. What I honestly think, you read!  All images displayed are of myself modelling Captivate Me bodysuit.

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